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 Birthwise DVD

“The Birthwise DVD set(2) is FANTASTIC and oh so valuable! 'An antenatal education in a box'. On the DVD Caroline Flint presents, in a small class setting, clear and concise information about pregnancy and birth that all parents need to know in preparation for birth. However, almost more importantly, her manner, heart and soul come through and instill a confidence in the naturalness of birth that is so important for mothers to have when coming in to this important time. Fathers too will welcome the opportunity to build up their trust in the birth process by engaging with the information presented, perhaps even more than once.” Patrick Houser



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Caroline Flint is the Director of The Birth Centre. She is the past President of the Royal College of Midwives, and has been a midwife for 28 years. Caroline is the author of five books for midwives and she has written over 300 published articles. She is regularly called upon by the media and government to comment on midwifery issues. She is an Honorary Professor at Thames Valley University.


Birthwise: Your Creation, Your Choice is an antenatal education DVD that will help you prepare
for pregnancy, labour, birth and life with a new baby. Leading midwife and antenatal teacher of
over 30 years, Caroline Flint, will take you through a full set of antenatal classes and help you
answer questions such as: What can I expect in labour? What kind of birth environment do I
want? What is a “normal” pregnancy and birth? What sort of medical interventions might be
recommended and how can I decide what is right for me? With so much information out there,
how do I know who to listen to or what choices to make?

This two-disc DVD allows you to see real families grapple with questions, share their concerns
and hopes and prepare for the life change that is having a baby. You will learn about critical
topics such as breastfeeding, pain relief, birth positions, the birth environment, bonding with
your baby, making sense of the birth experience, life with a new baby and much more. It also
features a number of leading experts, as well as advice on complementary therapies including
osteopathy, acupuncture, birth hypnosis and the use of doulas.

Birthwise exposes women, their partners and families to a breadth of real birth experiences and
approaches in order to help women choose an approach to birth that is right for them. In the
comfort of your own home, Birthwise will inform you, inspire you and empower you to create
the birth that is right for you and your baby