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Whether you want to enhance the healing quality of your sleep or are desperate for a decent night’s slumber, this CD is for you.

Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Created by Binnie A Dansby

music and lyrics by Lone Selmer



Lack of sleep can lead to low energy, poor health and depression.

Research shows that you relieve stress when you relax and acknowledge

those areas or life that give you joy and engender peace and gratitude.

This recording is designed to support you to let go of the days concerns

and duties and enjoy a rejuvenating good nights sleep.



We all wish for sleep to come naturally. And in the past it was something that most people took for granted. Yet for increasing numbers sleep is becoming a problem. Both in terms of the amount we have and its quality, we’re simply not getting enough. Lack of sleep can lead to low energy, poor health and depression. But in Binnie Dansby’s new CD Have A Good Night’s Sleep we are offered a solution.

Binnie Dansby’s work is in the light of recent scientific studies that show the importance of having deep, relaxing sleep. Not only do we feel happier within ourselves and perform better, but having the right amount of sleep is linked to maintaining a healthy weight. One study at a university in Belgium showed sleep deprivation reduced levels of leptin in the body - the hormone that tells the brain when it’s had enough food. Professor Jim Horne, Director of the Sleep Research Centre at the University of Loughborough adds:

“When you’re constantly exhausted, you’re less likely to seek out regular physical exercise and more likely to eat ‘convenience’ foods that are full of fat, processed carbohydrates such as sugar – or both.”

Having enough of the right kind of sleep could reduce the risk of diseases. A study at the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago showed the people who slept badly were less able to deal with too much sugar in the blood which could lead to a higher risk of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


It also impacts on relationships. Dr Neil Stanley of the British Sleep Society says

“People who have poor sleep have higher rates of divorce.”

Women in particular are more likely to lose sleep worrying about problems. Dr Jenny Hislop of Surrey University, co-author of a report into sleep, said women were effectively working a ‘third shift’ because they were carrying their concerns about work and home into the bedroom. The group of women studied spent on average eight hours a night in bed but were only sleeping for six and a half of them.


Binnie Dansby’s Have A Good Night’s Sleep is therefore especially welcome. Its gentle steps help you to relax into a deep sleep that will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated in the morning. Using simple breathing exercises and guided visualisations, you are supported in:

·         Releasing the worries and concerns of the day

·         Relaxing your whole body

·         Bringing more enjoyment into your life

·         Resolving inner conflicts and problem over relationships that keep you awake

·         Helping you think positively about all life has to offer you


One of the innovative idea’s in Have A Good Night’s Sleep is the Solution Box. It creates an inner space where we can put our problems to be resolved with love as we sleep. We can let go of our resentments and judgements, our anxieties and troubles. We can feel safe and supported in the centre of our being. In the words of Binnie’s Evening Song:

Everything is taken care of!

This is a calm and peaceful night.


This is the gift of Have A Good Night’s Sleep


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