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The Big Stretch

THE BIG STRETCH is a DVD produced by Alieta Belle and Jenny Blyth that presents a fresh insight into the amazing journey each mother and father take in becoming parents.


Women in different stages of pregnancy and preparing for a natural birth reflect on how they 'stretched' in everyway - emotionally, physically and spiritually.


You are invited to become intimately engaged, share in the transformation, and follow their stories to the first moments and days after birth.


Topics explored: breath awareness, pain and the intensity of birth, vaginal and body awareness, women's challenges, asking for help, fathers, relationship and personal transformation.


The Big Stretch DVD also comes with The Big Stretch Booklet. This 20 page booklet features questions and topics gleaned from The Big Stretch DVD, and is designed to stimulate insight and spirited discussion about birthing options, experiences and feelings. Included is a DVD extra on baby massage.


Together the booklet and the DVD become an inspiring and valuable resource for pregnant women and expectant men and their families, birth educators, midwives and all other birthworkers. Running time 60 minutes


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