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Training, Consultancy and Education

Supporting the Transition to Fatherhood


Fathers-To-Be offers skill development and training for those working with fathers in the time of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Men's preparation for becoming a father is a valuable element for good outcomes for families, as well as society as a whole. A better understanding of gender preconceptions and modern role challenges within the family and society is invaluable for birthcare professionals' delivery of services.


F2B ChildBirth & Early Parenting Professional Workshops

Supporting Fathers Prenatally and Through Childbirth & Beyond

Continuing Professional Development enhancing best practice

Let us know if you would like us to come to your area, anywhere.

How birthcare professionals welcome fathers

is significant to the whole family system.


Fathers-To-Be offers leading edge insight from men

in the field of pregnancy, birth and early parenting

for midwives, doulas, antenatal educators

and other early parenting practitioners.


Come along for a unique, enjoyable and informative day.


to book your place please contact

info AT fatherstobe.org

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To reserve your place please fill out booking form and email to events@fatherstobe.org

or post check and booking form to: Fathers-To-Be, 6 Court Lodge, Lamberhurst, Kent, TN3 8DU

or make payment via PayPal to, events@fatherstobe.org at www.paypal.co.uk

01892 890614

Certificate of Attendance will be provided to all participants


We welcome your spreading the word about this great event to other midwives, doula's,

educators and other birthcare practitioners.


We provide a half and full day programmes, bespoke events, as well as ongoing support and supervision.


FatherLove Tours

Patrick Houser presents the F2B Birth Professional Study Days and parent events

7 May 2011 Bournemorth NHS Trust

Breastfeeding Awareness Conference


'Breast is Best...for dads too'

October 2010 Lamaze International Conference

Milwaukee Wisconson

October 2010 Pathway To Family Wellness Conference

Washington DC

Keynote, 'Protecting the Cave'

October 2010 Professional and Parent workshops

Austin Texas

across Colorado, May 2010


Organizations we have worked with include:



The Birth Centre, London

NCT (National Childbirth Trust)

Workshops/Study Days at NCT National Conference 08 & 09

NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council)

University of West England, Midwifery School, Bristol

Fathers-To-Be presented a Study Day for first year midwives.

There was also a presentation of the film Orgasmic Birth to the entire student body.

Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

Fathers-To-Be presented a study day for the entire midwifery staff.

There was also a presentation of the film Orgasmic Birth following the workshop.


F2B in Austin, Texas, (USA):Advanced Birth Professional Workshop:

Supporting Fathers Prenatally and Through Childbirth’.

F2B’s Patrick Houser will annually be presenting an afternoon in Austin, Texas

for midwives, doulas and childbirth educators.


Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)

XIV International Congress

24-27 April, 2009, Pacific Grove, California

The Miracle of Birth: Uniting Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

"Protecting the Cave, A new father has arrived"

The ancient archetype of a father at birth is that he stands guard at the opening of the cave to protect the birthing mother and their child. As we move through time he comes closer to the actual location of the birth itself—waiting and protecting. Then, in the late 20th century, he enters the room and becomes involved. His first role was to protect the family from danger, wild animals, or perhaps other tribes people—survival. As birth became more industrialized his role altered. Could it be that the father is entering the birthing room for a more primal reason than we would like to think? Is there a chance the danger is now coming from even closer to the mother and baby? Presented by Patrick Houser



Top Fatherhood Tips

for Childbirth Professionals

(Free download)

Here we present our 'Top Tips' for supporting birthcare professionals in their work with fathers

and families. We have identified welcome as perhaps the most important element

when understanding how to best support fathers. The father being well resourced,

of course, translates into the mother and baby benefiting.


You are welcome to use this document, intact, in your practice and for educational purposes.


For scheduling, pricing and to learn how we can support your best practice with families please contact us.

We offer Study Days for universities, hospitals and professional organisations to midwives,

doulas, antenatal teachers and other healthcare providers.



44 1892 890614